By using AI to predict and
prevent patient decline, we’ve
gained a reputation with our
referral sources for being
proactive and innovative.

– CEO of Nursing Home Corporation

The Challenge

Getting on the short list of a hospital or any referral source is as essential as it is challenging for skilled nursing providers. Hospitals and other key partners base their decisions on several factors, including readmission rates, patient satisfaction ratings, and length-of-stay management. The pressure to earn and maintain preferred provider status can be intense, but that’s only a part of the equation. Patients and their families are increasingly informed consumers and have more involvement in the final selection than ever before.

The key to success is to focus on the factors that influence the referral process – improve clinical performance that reduces readmission rates, controls lengths of stay, and drives higher satisfaction and reputation ratings.

Reduce short stay
rehospitalizations by


Increase resident
days and revenue by




in annual revenue
per building

The Solution

Support your clinical team with the right technology. Artificial intelligence can make the right connection in your EHR data, generate reports that identify and rank at-risk patients, and engage nursing staff to make early interventions that can really change the game with referral sources.

Leverage SAIVA’s machine learning to:

  • Reduced readmissions and lost revenue
  • Enhance reputation as a leading, quality provider in your market(s)
  • Increased hospital confidence, resulting in more referrals and network participation
  • Improve patient satisfaction and ratings
  • Optimize Value-Based Payment incentive multiplier
  • Increase revenue


Using artificial intelligence to identify the patients most at risk for near-term decline will improve outcomes and avoidable hospitalizations.

Skilled nursing facilities that are using SAIVA have seen significant results:

  1. Reduced short stay rehospitalizations by 52%
  2. Increased resident days by 32%
  3. Retained $120K in annual revenue per building

Getting Started Is Easy

There’s no change to your existing processes and very little work is required of your IT or clinical staff. We just plug in SAIVA’s artificial intelligence tool to your existing EHR data and within 2-3 weeks, the SAIVA Daily Risk Report will begin arriving in your nurse’s inbox.

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SAIVA uses artificial intelligence to improve outcomes and avoidable hospitalizations by identifying your patients most at risk for near-term decline.

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