Reduce short stay
rehospitalizations by


The Challenge

Post-acute care clinical teams are under increasing pressure to improve outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. There are significant consequences to the bottom line and referral volume. But by far the most devastating effects are experienced by patients themselves who endure the extra trip to the hospital and often longer-term functional decline and higher mortality rates.

The key to preventing readmissions is detecting subtle changes in condition and intervening early. That enables the care team to treat patients in place and avoid the hospital. But identifying the relevant early signs and symptoms of risk for even the most common causes of hospital readmission is a challenge. Often, they are overlooked until they become acute.

Predict and rank
which patients are
at the highest risk

so that you can
take action

It’s good that he was on the
report this morning. I wouldn’t have
triaged him, and he would have been
back in the hospital this afternoon.

– Director of Nursing

The Solution

With so many factors to track for every patient, clinical teams need the help of technology. Use artificial intelligence to make the right connections in your EHR data, reveal the key indicators that identify at-risk patients, and propose early interventions for triage.

Leverage SAIVA’s machine learning to:

  • Identify at-risk patients early and treat in place
  • Reduce rehospitalizations with focused interventions
  • Better prioritize resources for patients most at risk for near-term decline
  • Improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, and quality measures performance
  • Extend treatment in place


Using artificial intelligence to identify the patients most at risk for near-term decline will improve outcomes and avoidable hospitalizations.

Skilled nursing facilities that are using SAIVA have seen significant results:

  1. Reduced short stay rehospitalizations by 52%
  2. Increased resident days by 32%
  3. Retained $120K in annual revenue per building

Getting Started Is Easy

There’s no change to your existing processes and very little work is required of your IT or clinical staff. We just plug in SAIVA’s artificial intelligence tool to your existing EHR data and within 2-3 weeks, the SAIVA Daily Risk Report will begin arriving in your nurse’s inbox.

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SAIVA uses artificial intelligence to improve outcomes and avoidable hospitalizations by identifying your patients most at risk for near-term decline.

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