Reduce short stay
rehospitalizations by


The Challenge

Skilled nursing operators with high rehospitalization rates face several consequences. For one, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has created financial disincentives that can amount to a significant loss of revenue. Moreover, hospitals are far less likely to refer patients needing post acute care to underperforming nursing homes with high rehospitalization rates. Since rehospitalization care rates are publicly available online, patients and their families are increasingly more discerning when planning their post-acute care as well. And payers are reluctant to include those nursing homes with higher rehospitalization rates.

The key to preventing readmissions is detecting subtle changes in condition and intervening early. But even the most common causes of hospital readmission are often overlooked until they become acute.

Increase resident
days and revenue by




in annual revenue
per building

By using AI to predict and prevent patient decline, we’ve gained a reputation with our referral sources for being proactive and innovative
– CEO of Nursing Home Corporation

The Solution

Support your care team with the right technology. Leveraging artificial intelligence can make the right connections in your EHR data, generate reports that identify and rank at-risk patients, and enable nursing staff to make early interventions.

Using SAIVA’s machine learning leads to:

  • Reduced readmissions and lost revenue
  • Increased revenue
  • Optimized Value-Based Payment incentive multiplier
  • Increased hospital referrals and network participation, and consumer preference
  • Optimized length of stay and associated revenue
  • Extended treatment in place
  • Enhanced reputation as a leading, quality provider in your market(s)


Using artificial intelligence to identify the patients most at risk for near-term decline will improve outcomes and avoidable hospitalizations.

Skilled nursing facilities that are using SAIVA have seen significant results:

  1. Reduced short stay rehospitalizations by 52%
  2. Increased resident days by 32%
  3. Retained $120K in annual revenue per building

Getting Started Is Easy

There’s no change to your existing processes and very little work is required of your IT or clinical staff. We just plug in SAIVA’s artificial intelligence tool to your existing EHR data and within 2-3 weeks, the SAIVA Daily Risk Report will begin arriving in your nurse’s inbox.

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SAIVA uses artificial intelligence to improve outcomes and avoidable hospitalizations by identifying your patients most at risk for near-term decline.

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